Who We Are

ACT Fire & Rescue is one of the most versatile Fire services in Australia in terms of delivery of services to the community.

Who We Are

All firefighters in the ACT are fully trained in all areas of firefighting, rescue and hazardous materials handling. We provide a 24/7 rapid response capability from nine strategically located Fire Stations.

ACT Fire & Rescue provides the following services to the community:

  • Respond to Structure Fires
  • Respond to Hazardous Materials Incidents
  • Respond to Bushfires
  • Respond to Chemical, Biological and Radiological Incidents
  • Respond to Vehicle Fires
  • Assess Fire Engineered Building Solutions
  • Undertake Motor Vehicle Accident Rescue
  • Ensure Fire Safety Compliance in Buildings
  • Undertake Confined Space Rescue
  • Conduct Fire Hazard Inspections
  • Undertake Trench Rescue
  • Provide Community Education
  • Respond to Building Collapse
  • Provide Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Undertake Animal Rescue
  • Coordinate Community Fire Units
  • Conduct Fire Investigation
  • Conduct Community Events Planning
  • Provide Storm Damage Assistance
  • Conduct Community Safety Planning
  • Respond to Automatic Fire Alarms
  • Provide Communications Support to Emergency Agencies
  • Provide Assistance to Community events and organisations
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Introduction to Community Fire Units

Introduction to Community Fire Units

A Community Fire Unit (CFU) is a team of local residents who live close to bush land areas across the ACT. These local volunteers are trained and equipped by ACT Fire & Rescue to safeguard their homes during a bushfire until the fire services arrive.

CFU volunteers utilise basic firefighting equipment (pumps, hoses and protective clothing) to prepare the areas surrounding their properties and prevent a bushfire from spreading from adjoining bushland to their houses and backyards.

A typical CFU team consists of 8 to 30 members and has a designated area encompassing 50 to 80 homes.

The focus is on bushfire education, prevention and preparation, covering areas such as:

  • Bushfire behavior
  • Safe housekeeping and gardening practices
  • Planning and preparation for bushfires
  • Operating firefighting equipment
  • Mop up operations

CFU members are a part of ACT Fire & Rescue and take direction from ACTF&R Officers but they are not firefighters.

The ACT CFU program began in late 2003. Following a successful trial of 8 units, the program has now expanded to 50 CFUs in high risk bushfire areas.

Download the CFU Information Brochure [PDF 1 MB].



The Badge of ACT Fire & Rescue

ACT Fire and Rescue badge

The Torch - represents the tradition of the Fire Brigade and comes from the earliest Fire Services which were established by the Insurance Companies; The Shield - represents the protection that ACT Fire & Rescue provides to the Community; The Laurel Wreath - represents the courage of the firefighters; and The Coat of Arms - represents the ACT Community.