Home Fire Safety

Winter starts tomorrow and as the temperature drop we start using our heaters and clothes dryers.

ACT Fire & Rescue attends approximately 250 house fires each year. Last year, house fires caused by heaters and dryers more than doubled, making up 35 per cent of incidents in July.

Our firefighters encourage you to take simple steps in your home to reduce the risk of fire and to ensure you have a working smoke alarm.

It is essential to follow these basic rules when using a heater or clothes dryer:

  • clean the lint filter in your clothes dryer before you use it - every time
  • make sure your heater is dust free and all objects are at least one metre away
  • never turn on a heater or clothes dryer and leave the house
  • stop using your heater or dryer if it’s making unusual noises or not functioning properly
  • always follow the manufacturer’s instructions especially during installation.

Visit our CBR Be Emergency Ready page to learn more.